About Her


London, UK

Hi! Welcome to ‘Her Two Passports’. My name is Sarah and I am the lass behind the idea for this travel blog. The idea started from thinking back on all the great adventures I’ve been lucky enough to have and thinking how great it would be share them, even if just for a laugh but even better if it could help people with their own travels!

Being a ‘half and half’, Australian Mum and American Dad, means that I get blessed with two passports! While it’s more than a novelty than anything, I do get to skip the queue at LAX at custom control!

This blog is my place to compile everything I’ve learnt from my years of travelling and living overseas with the five years I have spent working in the travel industry. I can build airfares in my sleep and can list off the most useful travel tips to bore the socks off my friends – though I’m a great pub trivia night teammate!

When I was 15, I was lucky enough to be a part of an international exchange program with my high school that saw me spending my six-week Christmas break in a tiny town in the northern Italian foothills, Bolzano. From that young age, the sense of freedom and peace I experience when travelling would provide an addictive urge as I moved into adulthood.

I spent eight months living and studying French in the international hub town of Strasbourg in the Alsace region of France. I adored the way of the French culture, eating late and eating a lot, drinking wine, lazy afternoons, cozy Sundays when no shops were open. It felt like a completely different world to that I knew back home in Australia.


Strasbourg, France

After returning to Australia, I knew my heart belonged overseas. I was too young to live peacefully in my tiny, cosy beachside town. There was so much more to life than the privileged bubble I was raised in.

Burleigh, Gold Coast

Gold Coast, Australia


When I was 21, I moved to Canada and lived and worked in Quebec for about two years. Working at a camp of underprivileged kids and travelling the vast country was some of the best years in my life. Canada gave me so much and I will always think of it as my second home – more than the US, despite the passport!

Since returning to living in Australia, I’ve been lucky enough to get away on some cracker trips – highlights would have to be Eurovision in Austria in 2015 and India and Nepal in October, 2014. Not to mention all of the local trips around this gorgeous continent!


Orchha, India

I’ve been a travel agent for over five years now and feel pretty confident in my knowledge of the travel industry. I know how travel works – I know when it’s a good deal and when it’s not. I know how you can use a travel agent to your advantage, and still feel like you’re doing things on your own. I can show you how to manipulate airfares, tour discounts, accommodation offers, travel insurance and more to save you hundreds from your trip! Plus, I can introduce you to destinations you would never have considered and get your feet itching!


The Himalayas, Nepal (Everest – top right)

Follow me on my next adventures as I race the clock to visit every continent on Earth before the big 3-0. Next stop? Japan, Netherlands, Finland, USA, Canada and Hawaii! Coming up this Christmas – the countdown in on!